Episode 10 | Bill Krause | Zero to a Million Ethernet Ports + The Epiphany

Hosts Brandon and Derick have the honor of interviewing Bill Krause and hearing some fascinating stories about the early days of Silicon Valley, including the origins of HP’s first computer…

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Episode 03 | Bob Metcalfe Pt. 2| Ethernet’s Impact and Your Own Personal Algorithm

A deeper dive with Bob Metcalfe on the lasting impact of Ethernet and the World Wide Web. What’s in store for the world next?  [TRANSCRIPT PDF] Episode 03 | Bob…

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Episode 02 | Bob Metcalfe Pt 1 | Insider Stories from Early Silicon Valley

Podcast co-hosts Derick and Brandon explore the early days of Silicon Valley with Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet technology.  [TRANSCRIPT PDF] Episode 02 | Bob Metcalfe Pt 1 | Insider…

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