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Episode 5 | Tom Hollingsworth | Lessons from Tech Field Day and How to Spot BS

Brandon and Derick explore communities of IT folks, the wisdom of backup plans, and shifty vendors with Tech Field Day Organizer Tom Hollingsworth, also known as “The Networking Nerd.” [TRANSCRIPT...

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Episode 04 | Heidi Roizen | How Networking is Changing Networking

Brandon and Derick explore the connection between computer networking technology and people in this interview with venture capitalist and entrepreneur Heidi Roizen.  [TRANSCRIPT PDF] Episode 04 | Heidi Roizen |...

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Episode 03 | Bob Metcalfe Pt. 2| Ethernet’s Impact and Your Own Personal Algorithm

A deeper dive with Bob Metcalfe on the lasting impact of Ethernet and the World Wide Web. What’s in store for the world next?  [TRANSCRIPT PDF] Episode 03 | Bob...

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Episode 02 | Bob Metcalfe Pt 1 | Insider Stories from Early Silicon Valley

Podcast co-hosts Derick and Brandon explore the early days of Silicon Valley with Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet technology.  [TRANSCRIPT PDF] Episode 02 | Bob Metcalfe Pt 1 | Insider...

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Episode 01 | Marc Andreessen | Time To Build

Join our hosts as they unravel today’s challenging culture with Marc Andreessen, creator of the first web browser and founder of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz [TRANSCRIPT PDF] Episode 01...

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