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Our goal with Seeking Truth in Networking is to bring you authentic conversations from the broader networking community.

We’re on a journey to understand what an increasingly connected world means for all of us.

We’ve sought out the most entertaining, most insightful, and most impactful speakers we can find; searching for new voices, untold stories, and emerging technologies –  and bring them to you, one episode at a time.

We’re looking forward to seeking truth with you.

Brandon Heller

Sometimes, you have no idea where something will take you, and that’s part of the fun. This podcast is definitely in that category, and I’m excited to reach out (really, reach up…) to shepherd unique stories and make them accessible and compelling.

About me: Trained at applied networking research labs that focus on impact: Jon Turner’s lab at WUSTL and Nick McKeown’s lab at Stanford. Worked to develop and deploy programmable platforms (Mininet, OpenFlow, SDN), with grad-school detours in data viz and efficiency. Fascinated by disruption happening today, to energy, transportation, food, and space, as software continues to eat the world.

Now, 7-plus yrs into co-founding Forward Networks, I get to build, evangelize, and define the next platform for network operations. At Forward and with this podcast, we’re putting something out there, and I share mad respect for those who take a risk and do the same.

Derick Winkworth

Nothing competes with the first time I designed and deployed a significant network project. I had converted a large scale serial line network to TCP/IP. The first cut-over just worked and passed applications testing. Seeing all the pieces come together and understanding how it worked end-to-end was a thrilling and satisfying experience. I knew then, over 20 years ago, that my future was in Networking.

I’ve seen a lot of technology and vendors come and go since then, and I’ve worked in various positions in the networking industry over the years. From my early days in the US Air Force, to different kinds of Service Providers, and now on the vendor side, I’ve met a lot of interesting people doing innovative and exciting things. With this podcast, I have the privilege of bringing their stories to a larger audience.

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Forward Networks is revolutionizing the way large networks are managed. Forward’s advanced software delivers a “digital twin” of the network, enabling network operators to verify intent, predict network behavior, avoid outages, and simplify network management.