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Episode 9 | Ben Pfaff | Creating Open vSwitch

Join co-hosts Derick and Brandon as they sit down with Ben Pfaff, one of the original and core contributors of Open vSwitch, the virtual network switch for Linux. [TRANSCRIPT] NOTES...

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Episode 8 | Holiday Special | Launching a podcast in 2020: what the hell were we thinking?

Co-hosts Derick and Brandon are joined by the rest of the podcast production team, including Lisa Garvey, Charlie Elliott, and Aditya Chakraborty, to discuss the pitfalls, highlights, and lessons learned...

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Episode 7 | Olivier Bonaventure | MPTCP: The coolest protocol you’re already using – but didn’t know

Derick and Brandon chat with Olivier Bonaventure, Professor at Université catholique de Louvain (UCL) and co-founder at Tessares, about the evolution of Multipath TCP, a protocol that is changing the...

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Episode 6 | John Capobianco | Automating the Canadian Parliament Network

John Capobianco, Senior IT Planner and Integrator at House of Commons, joins co-hosts Derick and Brandon to dive into his journey to network automation for the Canadian Parliament. If you’re...

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Episode 5 | Tom Hollingsworth | Lessons from Tech Field Day and How to Spot BS

Brandon and Derick explore communities of IT folks, the wisdom of backup plans, and shifty vendors with Tech Field Day Organizer Tom Hollingsworth, also known as “The Networking Nerd.” [TRANSCRIPT]...

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